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Australian Football

GPS tracking has had a 20+ year history in football but it was only recently that players of sub-elite and amateur levels could access the level of data that the pro’s could. 

Footballers who use SPT GPS aren’t just coming out of the Premier Divisions. They’re also students and local athletes who simply share a common ground of wanting to reach their peak with every performance. 

A Tool for All Seasons

Coaches are looking at post-game and training analysis for better results, and they’re doing it from the palms of their hands. Whether it’s a drill-based target or a goal for a handful games, SPT GPS can provide the answers to make significant changes for football from the off-season to the finals.

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Think Like an Expert

Our in-house Sports Science Lab are immersed in the world of football, meaning you get specific knowledge on how to use the tech for your positional goals. A combination of metrics and segmenting tools make it easy to split performances in halves, quarters, or drills, allowing you to fully get a grasp of your optimal training load or the ideal stats for your division.

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Award winning tech

When we think about wearables and football, the options go far and wide. What puts SPT GPS on a different playing field is its level of simplicity and affordability. Enjoy an all-inclusive platform without subscription fees or ongoing costs.

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