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Soccer has changed with technology. Coaches no longer have to rely on feeling or instinct to see who their top performing player are. Players can look at the facts to make sure they’re ready to give 100% after injury. The SPT GPS platform is adapted for today’s soccer player to ensure their training’s tallying up with their end results.

Set Higher Benchmarks

Soccer teams across the globe are using SPT’s lightweight and powerful GPS platform to gain insight on their training programs. Rely on High Speed Running and Sprint Efforts to reveal the strongest runners. Evaluate Heatmaps to get a grasp of whether individual team members are playing to their roles and compare players of similar positions to see who deserves to be in the starting eleven.

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Upgrade Your Team

As sub-elite and amateur soccer leagues evolved, so did the demands to measure and analyse information like the pro’s. Tapping into the SPT GPS platform will keep your team up to speed with the latest industry advancements. Use data to back up the playing strategy and get rid of the dependence on making assumptions.

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A passionate community of soccer players

Players who train and play with GPS have an unique insight on soccer. Getting your hands on an SPT device means you can also adopt a data-driven and results-based approach to winning.

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